Unli calls (10pm-5pm) at unli text to TM/Globe for P20 lang!

Keyword Description Rates Access #
Help FREE 2824
UNLICOMBO Registration to 1-day TM unli Php20 2824
UNLICOMBO BAL Status of subscription (i.e. Date and time when subscription will expire) FREE 2824
UNLICOMBO OFF To opt out of from the service FREE 2824
Help FREE 2824
UNLICOMBO100 Registration to 7-day TM unli Php100 2824
UNLICOMBO100 BAL Status of subscription (i.e. Date and time when subscription will expire) FREE 2824
UNLICOMBO100 OFF To opt out of from the service FREE 2824


1 .Open to all TM subscribers nationwide.

2. The promo offers unlimited TM to TM and/or TM to Globe calls and texts, which can be availed via registration.

3 .To avail, subscribers simply text the desired syntax (UNLICOMBO or UNLICOMBO100) to 2824.

4. The appropriate amount (P20 for daily denom and P100 for weekly denom) will automatically be deducted from subscriber's load upon registration. No minimum maintaining balance is required to enjoy the service.

5. Subscribers will receive a confirmation message upon activation.

6. Upon activation, subscriber's TM-TM and/or TM to Globe calls made from 10pm-5pm will not be charged while registered to the promo. Regular rates will apply for calls made between 5:01pm-9:59pm.

7. Texts to TM and Globe are unlimited for 24 hours upon receipt of registration confirmation message.

8. No prefix is required to enjoy unlimited calls. Subscribers simply dial the 11-digit Globe/TM number they wish to contact. Example: 09175881234.

9. Calls using other prefix-based promos (e.g. TM Todo Tawag 15/15, TM Sulitawag, etc.), when registered to Unlicombo, will still be charged with the corresponding rates.

10. Other registration-based and load-based local Voice and local SMS services cannot co-exist with Unlicombo.

11. Unlimited local voice calls and texts apply to TM and TM/GHP.

12. Calls and texts to other networks will continue to be charged at regular inter-network call and text rates.

13. Subscribers will be alerted via SMS when their subscription expires.

14. Offer is not available when subscriber is in international roaming mode.

15. The promo is only applicable for person to person transaction only. It is not intended and should not be used for commercial purposes.

1. What is TM UNLICOMBO?

TM UNLICOMBO is TM's newest unlimited call and text offer. For just P20, you get an unlimited call from 10pm-5pm and 24 hours texting to other TM/Globe subscribers.

2. How do I register to this promo?

Make sure that you have at least P20 load in your TM SIM. To register, simply text UNLICOMBO to 2824.

3. Is TM UNLICOMBO available on selected days and time?

You may register to the promo any day, any time. But you may only use the unlimited call service from 10pm-5pm the next day. You may use the unlimited texting any time of the day.

4. What will happen if I call from 5:01pm - 9:59pm?

You will be charge regular rates.

5. How about text? Is texting not unlimited too from 5:01 - 9:59pm?

Texting is still unlimited from 5:01pm - 9:59pm. It's only calls that are not unlimited during these hours.

Texting to TM and/or Globe is unlimited for 24 hours.

6. I don't have to use any prefix?

No more prefix. Just dial straight the TM/Globe number you intend to call.

7. May I also use other TM promos while registered to TM UNLICOMBO?

You may still use other prefix-based offers like Sakto calls, Sulitawag, and Todotawag 15/15 while registered to TM UNLICOMBO.

You will not be able to register to the following promos:

Voice: Todotawag Magdamag, Astigtawag, and ALLNETCOMBO

SMS: Sulitxt5, Astigtxt10, AstigtxtALL, and TXTOthers.

8. Is there a TM UNLICOMBO with higher validity?

Yes. TM UNLICOMBO is also available for P100/7 days validity. Calls are unlimited every 10pm-5pm and texting is free 24 hours/day for 7 days.

9. How do I register to this 7 days TM UNLICOMBO?

Text UNLICOMBO100 to 2824.

10. How much is this 7 days UNLICOMBO?

TM UNLICOMBO for 7 days will cost you P100.

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